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Ruckus Catering Offered 7 Days a WeekSalad Catering

Whether you have a party of seven or a party of ninety nine, we have catering options for you! With a full-time catering associate on staff, we can provide delivery for your team from any of our five locations for you. We have pizza, pasta, sushi, salads, desserts, appetizers, you name in, we can cater it just for your needs.

Pasta, Wings CateringWe specialize in large platters of salads, main options, sushi platters and desserts.  Main dish favorites include chicken parmigiana, pastas, lasagna (meat and vegetarian options available), 18-24″ pizza’s, taco bars and who can’t forget a buffet of wings! Pick your sauce and pick how many and we can promise satisfaction delivered straight to you.

Start off your menu with some chips and guacamole, chips and salsa and garlic knots (simple bites that aim to please every person in the room). Nothing sets the stage for an all day meeting like a couple apps to kick off the breaks just right.

Ruckus SushiWant to really impress your team? Consider adding sushi onto the menu. Whether it’s a nine roll sushi platter, poke bowls or sushi wraps, we will surpass your hunger pains and wow your taste buds with our sushi menu. Something your team is guaranteed to love and will agree is a step about the basic chicken and garlic bread menu.

Our sushi menu helps keep your employees happy, full and feeling valued and is a perfect option for those looking for lighter options and those avoiding carbs.

For the majoring of your carb loving room- there’s chicken parmigiana, beef lasagna, vegetable lasagna, cannelloni, the baked rigatoni- all Italian favorites and sure to please every stomach in the room. Pairing the garlic knots with these options provide a fully balanced and rounded meal. 9 roll sushi tray

To end the meal, everyone is craving something sweet to finish the meal. Traditional is the brownie bites and the unexpected but always enjoyed is the Key Lime Pie. Whether you opt for key lime slices or key lime bites, your team will be wowed at how authentic this treat will be. It doesn’t have to be Kew West made to be certified Key Lime official.

Contact us today to get your catering needs started. or call Amber at 919-756-6444.

Want to taste before you order? We would love to hear from you.


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