Raising A Ruckus

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Raising A Ruckus started in 2011 when a server said, “Instead of getting crappy gifts for each other, why don’t we adopt some families and make it mean something.”

And we did.
That year we contacted one of our schools we do catering for and ask the guidance counselor if they had a few families that needed help with Christmas.
The response was Absolutely. We found our First 3 Raising A Ruckus Families.
We are all about giving back to the community. It’s what locally owned and supported restaurants are supposed to do..
We have to make a living but we have to support the community in many ways.
In 2014 we worked with 7 schools and support almost 50 families with about $50,000 in gifts and donations.

There is a Christmas Tree in each store and there are ornaments on there with a gift.
This is a specific request from a child whose family is having a hard time and without Raising A Ruckus, Well, Christmas won’t be as Bright.
Some of our requests have been for a Cap and Gown to Graduate High School. We provided a Cap and Gown, Limo and dinner for 8 people.
A request for a bunk bed so 2 children can stop sleeping on the floor.
Lots of pajamas. Some bikes. Some Dolls.

When you are in Ruckus – make a Raising a Ruckus Donation or pick out an ornament or several and make a child’s Christmas More Merry.

Thank you from the Ruckus Team.

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