Well – Hello There

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Thanks for Dropping in.
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2 Comments on “Well – Hello There”

  1. Natalie Pulley

    I work near the Morrisville location. I tried it out today and enjoyed it. I was online looking for the nutritional information so that I could get a jump start on something healthy on my next visit.

    1. Robert Royster

      We haven’t done that yet.
      We have a wonderful Vege Pasta that I always get.
      I haven’t had pasta in my restaurants in 6 months.
      It’s shaved Zucchini and Squash.
      We cook with it just like pasta with none of the carbs.
      Get a Pick your own Pasta OR get the Mango Jerk Mahi and sub the vege pasta.
      Lots of fish dishes.
      Salads with low fat dressings.
      The sushi at the Arboretum and Park West store is amazing.
      That should get you started.

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