2012 Tacky Christmas Sweater

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Well a few good sweaters showed up at our 2012 Ruckus Cary Tack Christmas Party.
Here’s the results.

2 Comments on “2012 Tacky Christmas Sweater”

  1. I Waters

    I think it desirable for the staff to be clear on the size and the pricing of Rukus pizzas. I know of two situation with teenage customers, where they were asked size and X-large was suggested but NO indicator of the price. These people were sitting at a table for 2 in both situations at the Morrisville location. A bill for $44.00 was a shock and could have been avoided had the staff explained the size and the pricing. These kids did not have the money to afford this ticket. I am most disapointed in how this was handled.

    1. Robert Royster

      Hey I waters.
      Can you send me the emails or phone numbers of those in question.
      We have addressed this with our staff and this is/was supposed to be the protocol.
      Thanks for bringing this to our attention and we have corrected this.

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