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  1. Capen

    Greetings Ruckuteers,

    Last time I was in your restaurant (Tryon Village) I noticed an advertisement for giveback nights, where you give a percentage of money made back to a community organization. However, I am unable to find any information about giveback nights online. Do you post this information online anywhere, and how can I find it? Thanks!

  2. Ed Jacobson

    Wow, stopped by on Veteran”s Day to enjoy some Pizza and Garlic Knots, Wow, they where great treat and alittle something about the charming young lady who served our delicious meal, Awesome, job, I love when someone truly loves her job, Torrey, your the best and thanks for recommeding the garlic knots, truly addicting . I give the Ruckus Pizza a 5 star rating, Um Um Good, see you soon @ the Cary location !!

  3. Brett Tarton

    Love Ruckus. Been going to the Mission Valley one forever. Love the Cary one. Now we live in Garner near The White Oak shopping center. They are growing like crazy out there and about to develop 2 new huge quadrants for commercial development. Nothing like Ruckus out there. All the restaurants are packed, on waits, all the time, everyday. Stop by any of the food places, and they are all packed. Come check it out. 14 miles from the Mission Valley location. Basically a liscense to print money. Hope you bring a Ruckus out our way!!

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