New Ruckus Under 600 Calorie Menu Coming Soon!

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New Ruckus Under 600 Calorie Menu Coming Soon!

Avance Primary Care’s Registered Dietitians Prove You Can Dine Out While Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

By Kaci Oliver, MS, RD, LDN

Are you striving to live a healthy lifestyle by choosing more nutritious foods? If so, it can seem impossible to maintain your nutrition goals when dining out at restaurants. With all the tempting fried, salty, and sugary foods offered, it can be difficult to decipher restaurant menus to choose a healthy option. However, I am here to share some GOOD NEWS with you-it is possible to eat both healthy AND delicious foods while dining out!

Ruckus has partnered with Avance Primary Care’s ( Registered Dietitians to create a low calorie (under 600 calories) menu for those aiming to maintain healthy eating habits. We have nutritionally analyzed the menu and made small tweaks to many popular Ruckus dishes, such as, substituting more nutritious breads and reducing portions of higher calorie condiments. Now you can enjoy a night out with friends while maintaining a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing taste!

Some of the menu items you will be able to enjoy at Ruckus for under 600 calories include, the Turkey Avocado BLT Wrap, Black Bean Wrap, Grilled Chicken Randello Wrap, Grilled Buffalo Chicken Wrap, Tacos, Mango Jerk Mahi, and Shark Bites. Not to mention many of their sushi rolls including the Cococabana, Hatteras, Lemonhead, Ravens, Sunset, Delray, Siesta Key, Oscar the Grouch, Toasted Mango and Venice all fall below 600 calories.

Ruckus is featuring a lightened-up version of the Turkey Avocado BLT Sandwich to give you a sneak peak of what is to come with the under 600 calorie menu. The Turkey Avocado BLT Sandwich was originally 860 calories. By substituting a low calorie, whole grain Sandwich Thin for the focaccia bread and reducing the amount of mayonnaise, we lowered the calories to 577 calories-a 283 calorie difference! Stop by today to try this delicious, alternative option to the popular Turkey Avocado BLT Wrap!

Check out more tips from Avance Primary Care’s Registered Dietitians on choosing healthier menu items when dining out!

•Control portions by splitting meals or asking for a to-go box when you get your food and take half of your meal home with you. You can also choose appetizers or lunch portions as your main meal with a side salad or cup of soup to control portion size.

•Choose grilled, baked, broiled, steamed, roasted, or poached foods, and avoid fried foods.

•Choose lean meats such as poultry without the skin, fish, and lean cuts of meat (e.g. sirloin, filet mignon).

•Avoid creamy sauces and salad dresses as they are often high in fat and calories.

•Choose healthy sides such as steamed vegetables, salads, and baked potato/sweet potato.

•Drink water with your meal to avoid added calories and sugar from beverages.

•Avoid the bread basket and dessert.

•Check restaurant nutrition information and menus to assist you in choosing healthiest options before you go.

To learn more about how Avance Primary Care’s Registered Dietitians can help you make small, healthy lifestyle changes to improve your health and overall quality of life, click here and/or call their Specialty Services at (919) 237-1337 to book an appointment today!

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